Sunday, October 19, 2014

Winter Butterflies by Kenzie Janzen


Winter Butterflies by Kenzie Janzen was published in 2014 by Hoyal Creek Publishing, LLC

“Winter Butterflies by Kenzie Janzen is a daunting but often amusing pursuit of motherhood. This book takes you on an unimaginable journey. When all hope seems lost, her incomprehensible God makes great changes. Winter Butterflies gives you a new perspective on the unexplained trials in this life. It inspires courage when strength seems fleeting. A cliffhanger story of tribulation, perseverance, and hope … and it’s all true.” From the back cover.

You can’t make this stuff up!! If it had been fiction I would have scoffed at all of this happening to one family – but truth is always stranger than fiction.

Janzen speaks honestly and passionately about her years of yearning for more children. – And how God leads, guides and holds her in His arms during all that happens in this family and the family they are forever connected with.

One of the main ingredients that stood out to me while reading Winter Butterflies was the honesty in which Janzen speaks. I had a tear in my eye as I thought of the lost babies in our family and of the miracle baby my friend Carol has as her grandson.  God always speaks, always reaches out to us – we just don’t always listen. Anytime I read a book and can compare it to my life it is a “win.”

When Janzen ends the book with “Loving God is sometimes not easy. Understanding God is impossible, but He will provide a rainbow after the storm… In His time” I thought this is so true for all of us. No matter what trial we have gone through or are going through we don’t understand and often look up and say, “Really, God. Now what?” But He does prevail – in His time.

Kenzie Janzen is a busy mom to Kate, Brody, and Laney and helps maintain the family farm in Oklahoma. She received her BS in Biological Sciences from Oklahoma State University and a MEd in Secondary Education from Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Before becoming a stay at home mom, Kenzie served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. She also taught secondary science and math in several rural schools in Oklahoma. From her book

You can learn more about the author here  Kenzie Janzen

I highly recommend this book.


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    1. Julie, I hope you have a chance to read it. Very well written and very inspirational.

  2. This would make a good Mother's Day gift.

    1. Linda, it's very inspirational, very well written. I love the honesty of the author.