Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham

I discovered Gilmore Girls after I turned 60. And it’s no secret that it is my favorite show – TV or Movie.

I loved the dialogue, the quickness, the wit, the characters and the wonderful actors that played these characters so very well.

So, of course when I became aware that Lauren Graham – Lorelai Gilmore on the show – wrote a book I pre-ordered, received it this week and finished it today!

It was a fast read – she writes like Lorelai talks!! Quick, witty and with lot’s and lot’s of charm.


I hope you can read the description on the back. Lauren Graham tells us what it was like being on Gilmore Girls the first 7 seasons and also she tells us about the revival – and how emotional it was for her. She talks about being on Parenthood and meeting her mate!

She also gives some great tips on writing. This is her second book – the first being fiction “Someday Someday Maybe.”

It’s a great book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you will pick up a copy and read it – especially if you are a Gilmore Girls fan.

She really is just as cool as Lorelai Gilmore! Much more “with it” than OLJ – Old Lady Jackson. (whom she tells about in the book!)

And please – if any of my beloved readers accidentally picked up Lauren’s blue coat from the Gilmore Girls set – please return it – no questions asked!

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