Saturday, September 10, 2016

Lydie’s Ghost by Bob Perry

Lydie's Ghost
In 2010 Randy and I made a trip to Ponca City, Oklahoma and toured the Marland Mansion. It was fascinating, the Marland’s captured my interest  and I’ve been fascinated ever since.

The first book I read about this interesting piece of Oklahoma History – most of which was left out of my Oklahoma History Book in High School Smile  - was “Marland Tragedy” by Kim Brumley. I reviewed that book H.E.R.E.

This last week I made a trip to Ponca City and had the opportunity to visit Brace Books and More. I picked up a copy of “Lydie’s Ghost” by Bob Perry.

This book is totally different from “Marland Tragedy” because it is fiction. Very fast reading and still very interesting story. Perry did a great job.
“Jordan Bennett’s life rages with uncertainty when her mother and brother move to the small house on 13th Street. The 12 year old girl does not understand her life and everything she once trusted seems to be slipping away. When Jordan goes to find her brother at an ominous old mansion a few blocks away from their house, Jordan meets a mysterious old woman named Lydie with secrets of her own.”
I really enjoyed Perry’s fictional depiction of the way things may have been for Lydie Marland while leaving this historical character with much respect and understanding.

For those of us who respect privacy, Lydie Marland may not be that much different than us. Well – except of course – marrying her “father,” being very very wealthy, disappearing for years – living on the streets and all that!!

If you get an opportunity to pick up Bob Perry’s fiction of Lydie Marland – you should take advantage. I am impressed and I plan on buying his other work of fiction about this same time in history “The Broken Statue.”

Oh, and I even started Pinterest board on my fascination with the Oklahoma Marlands!!!  You can find it here:  Marland Fascination.

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